How can I “completely remove” mold from my home or business?
AUnfortunately, you can’t. Mold damage can be remediated and controlled, but mold spores occur naturally in our air and water. Mold damage invariably occurs when there are plumbing leaks, appliance leaks, very damp crawl spaces or a faulty roof. If moisture is reduced and leaks are fixed, mold “breakouts” should not be a problem.
We have an old home with an asbestos covered boiler than was painted over many years ago. Should we be worried?
AProbably not, as long as the painted-over asbestos has been kept intact. However, if the integrity of the coating has been penetrated, there could be potential problems. Our asbestos remediation team is pleased to give you a no obligation assessment and safety inspection. By the way, NEVER attempt any renovation in a structure where you will be removing asbestos. Call in a remediation team first.
We had a roof leak and it was repaired, but now a wall appears to be yellowed and we detect a musty odor. What’s going on?
AWith any water leak, it is what you don’t see that is more important than what is seen. Chances are, water seeped behind the wall causing a mold outbreak and possibly, structural damage. The damaged must be assessed by a professional.
We recently got flooded and we have been working feverishly to get up all of the moisture from the carpet but it still feels wet. Is there a trick?
AIt comes down to professional grade equipment to take up the moisture in the affected area, then to clean and deodorize followed drying using state-of-the-art commercial drying fans. “Supermarket grade” rug shampoo equipment and cleaners are far too weak to take up the underlying moisture. This is the kind of work our experts routinely accomplish for homes and businesses throughout the Bay Area.
Does damage from water or mold cause our residence to lose value?
AIt depends. Amateur, DIY or cost-cutting remediation or restoration is never a good idea, especially when there has been structural damage. Professional remediation and restoration can actually help the property to maintain or even increase its value. There is no substitute for quality, professional work. Having Speedy Restoration Services as your home or business remediation and repair team shows potential buyers and inspectors that you cared.
How does removal, cleaning and storage of my property work?
AYour household or business goods are important, and we make sure we handle anything you own with extreme care. In the case of extensive household or business damage from moisture, smoke or any other catastrophe, our customer service representative will come to your location, keep scrupulous records of what we are removing and cleaning, and once we restore your items to new, we will store them in an insured, bonded, sealed and secure facility. We will return your items following restoration or remediation.
Honestly, what should I look for in a restoration and remediation company?
AThough Speedy Restoration Services would honestly like your business, we understand that you may be making a decision and want all kinds of input. We will tell you what our satisfied customers tell us about our work, and maybe that can be your guide. Look, first and foremost, for a company that has integrity, followed by experience, top-notch technicians and equipment, affordability and strong customer service. Do not use “amateurs” or companies that aren’t bonded and insured. The amount you save on a cut-rate provider upfront is not worth problems down the road.

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