Fast! 24 Hour Emergency Service

When a catastrophe strikes, there can be no delays! You must safeguard your home or business from further damage never leave your precious belongings up to chance or untrained personnel. Our emergency response experts will rush to your site and quickly determine the emergency steps needed to minimize any further damage.


Insurance Claim Negotiation & Management

Speedy Restoration Services has many years of experience working with insurance providers on behalf of property owners. Our pledge is to ensure that you maximize your insurance policy benefits.



Speedy Restoration Services stands proudly stands behind all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction warranty. Our experts are the best in the Bay Area. We have many customer endorsements and testimonials on file.


Welcome to Speedy Restoration

At Speedy Restoration Services, we understand how important you property is to you whether the problem has occurred to your residence or business. Our mission is to immediately go to work to first minimize any damage and then to do what it takes to rectify and repair the problem.

One of the many things that sets Speedy Restoration Services apart from our competition is the excellence of our customer service and the expertise of our personnel. When catastrophe strikes, be it from water, smoke, mold, asbestos discovery or structural damage, the last thing you need is a firm with inexperience or lack of professionalism.

Speedy Restoration Services cares about you and your valuable property. Our staff offers the highest degree of customer service, insurance claim negotiation, expert repair and remediation work in the industry. Home or business, call us for FAST, professional service.

Our Speedy Services

Water Damage

Speedy Restoration Services is your water damage repair and restoration specialists. Our experts rush to your location with 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE using the best equipment and a high level of customer service. Residential or commercial, we’re your top choice.

Mold Remediation

Mold can “take over” a home or business in as little as a few days. Mold not only damages the structure, it is also a source of allergens and respiratory problems. If you suspect that your residence or commercial space has a mold problem, call Speedy Restoration Services for fast, professional remediation.

Cleaning & Deodorizing

Speedy Restoration Services is your cleaning and deodorizing specialist. After water damage, you never want to leave your clean-up in the hands of amateurs. We have the trained professionals, experience and professional-grade equipment to bring your home or business back to new.

Cleaning, Moving & Storage

With all of the stress accompanying water damage, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning, moving and storage of your household goods. Trust Speedy Restoration Services to handle all of your precious belongings with the highest level of customer service.

Reconstruction & Repairs

Speedy Restoration Services is a full-service company with the ability to completely reconstruct and repair any home or commercial damage. After water or structural damage from any catastrophe, call us for a free quotation. We work with all insurance providers.

Why Choose Speedy Restoration?

Speedy Restoration Services is the Bay Area leader in helping homeowners and commercial business owners and managers remediate, clean or reconstruct after any kind of catastrophe. Our valued clients frequently come to us by word-of-mouth and reputation.

Speedy Restoration Services is known, first and foremost, for unquestioned ethics, a highly professional and expertly trained staff, and an absolute dedication to customer service. We understand that when smoke damage, water damage, mold or asbestos problems occur, clients are often overwhelmed by what to do. We have hundreds of great reviews and testimonials attesting to how we eased client worries and corrected their problems.

Speedy Restoration Services knows the ins and outs of working with all insurance carriers. Leave your worries to us!

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Residential Services

There is nothing that can upset a household more than damage from water or environmental problems such as asbestos. We are the restoration specialists for your home from cleaning and deodorizing to complete structural reconstruction and repairs.

Call us! Our customer service specialists are standing by to help you.

Commercial Services

Damage from water, mold, or the discovery of asbestos can shut down a commercial or business and cause irreparable damage if not aggressively corrected. Trust Speedy Restoration Services to correct your problems with professionalism, experience and always affordable pricing.

We are always pleased to give you a complete assessment of the problem, with a free, no obligation estimate.

Licenses & Certificates

Speedy Restoration Services holds professional certifications and recognitions representing the highest standards of the industry.  Learn More

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